Where the Renegades are playing between seasons

Offseason? There’s no such thing as an offseason for the Renegades. Between playing for junior and senior teams and working out all summer the team is always working on improving, especially on our way to the premiership.

We have quite a few players playing on various teams and we thought we’d compile a list of where everyone is.

Kent Exiles

Anthony Veness- WR

Connor Rogers- Offensive line

Raks Taiwo- RB

Nottingham Caesars

Natal Meloro- WR/DB

Nottingham Caesars Juniors

Robbie Jones- RB

Matt Ronayne- LB

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Alex Burford- DB

Leeds Academy Juniors

Nathan Kemeny- WR

Lancashire Wolverines

Callum Doherty- QB/S

Shropshire Revolution

Josh Peck- CB

Tamworth Phoenix

Tre Peters

This is a rolling list so as players move around and join teams we’ll keep it updated.



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