Where the Retrogades are playing senior ball

After Renegades are done playing for NTU they gain the title of Retrogade. In addition to their careers after university, many Retrogades also continue to work hard on the field.

Here’s a list of where the Retrogades play or have played their senior ball. This is a rolling list so if you are a Retrogade and move teams or aren’t on this list yet please comment below or contact Sean.

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Where the Renegades are playing between seasons

Offseason? There’s no such thing as an offseason for the Renegades. Between playing for junior and senior teams and working out all summer the team is always working on improving, especially on our way to the premiership.

We have quite a few players playing on various teams and we thought we’d compile a list of where everyone is.

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2015-2016 NTU Renegades Awards

In addition to the great team achievements the Renegades accomplished this year, the team also had many individual players who had standout performances and seasons. Game MVPs, Player of the year awards and more were given out at the annual NTU Renegades Award Night.

You can either check out the winners below or view the entire presentation shared at the awards night. It may take a second to load but has photos and graphics.

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Retrogade/Renegade: Bash and Smithy on Renegades memories, Old Boys, and more

This weekend is the Old Boys game in which current Renegades clash against the Retrogades who came before them. We took the opportunity to sit down with two Retrogades that couldn’t get more “retro” while still being “gades.”

Chris “Smithy” Smith was an Outlaw in his first year at uni and played in the first season the Renegades existed and Ashley “Bash” Matthews played with the first Renegades team as well. They share their favourite on and off the field memories, how they got into the sport, and throw in some trash talk about this weekend’s game.

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Past President’s Perspective: Marcus “Patches” Boswell

With the big varsity series between Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham on the way, we decided to interview a man that has quite a bit of experience playing against UoN. He is the former president of both the Renegades and the NTU Student Union. The man, the myth, the legend, Marcus “Patches” Boswell.

Over time we’ll have interviews with plenty of Retrogades and team presidents but for now lets dive into Patches’ story.

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Looking to join us? Here’s why our first years became Renegades

The Renegades have players from all sorts of backgrounds. We have players that have never held an American football before coming to a taster session, players that were part of junior ball before uni, and players that have played for other universities before transferring to NTU.

We spoke with some of our first year players to share why they chose to play for NTU and why they’re looking forward to next season. These first year players prove that being a rookie for the Renegades doesn’t mean you can’t play a pivotal role in helping the team.

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Make your phone a Renegade with our “Kings in the North” phone backgrounds

Still riding a high from winning the northern region in the 2015-2016 season we’ve made some custom photos. If you want to relive the glory of the playoff run, show your support for the team, or just have an awesome background or lock screen, make sure to download these latest designs made by our very own Maxim Reeve.

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American Football gave me a new family in the UK

This is our first in a series of blog posts about how being a Renegade affects you both on and off the field. I doubt they’ll all be as heavy as this one but hopefully we’ll see a variety of perspectives on how being a part of this team makes a difference.

I was born on the 25th October 1989. My dad put me on the season ticket waiting list for the Washington Redskins before I hit my first birthday. I grew up with football and the NFL and largely picked my major of broadcast journalism because of my love of sports.

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