Renegades Football

The NTU RenegadesĀ are Nottingham Trent University’s American football team. Our team history includes the BUCS 2013 National Plate Trophy and the 2016 Division 1 Northern Final championship.

Each year the Renegades faceĀ our cross town rivals, the University of Nottingham Students as part of the charity varsity series. NTU currently has a 6-1 record in the series.

Off the field, the Renegades maintain an active social scene. The highlights include the University-wide Tour with Outgoing to Lloret-de-Mar, the Wednesday night socials to Ocean (always dressed up), and NFL watch parties.

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After players finish their time at NTU they become Retrogrades. These team alumni often play senior ball around the country and many return every spring for the Old Boys’ Game.